Welcome to CWLEA

Message from CWLEA Chair Abigail Lewis

We are excited to announce that the Collegiate Women’s Leadership Educators Alliance (CWLEA) is officially launched as an affiliate of the AAUW.

We’d love for you to join us. CWLEA is a growing community of educators who network, share resources, and collaborate on new initiatives. Learn what others are doing in your field, or find like-minded colleagues to brainstorm your next program. Membership entitles you access to dynamic speakers, the latest research in the field, technical support to launch or enhance leadership programs for female students, and the opportunity to participate in and help to plan our programs and workshops.

Save the date and join us at NCCWSL (National Conference for College Women Student Leaders) at the University of Maryland, College Park, just outside Washington, D.C. We are holding two special events at the Conference; come meet our founding board members and colleagues who are passionate about women’s leadership:

Thursday, June 2 from 3:30-5:00 – Networking Event for Student Affairs Administrators
Friday, June 3 from 10:15-11:30 – CWLEA Women’s Leadership Workshop

I am out on maternity leave. In my absence, please feel free to contact Amy Jaffe Barzach, Vice Chair of CWLEA at barzach@hartford.edu.

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Abigail Sara Lewis
Chair, CWLEA

The mission of the Collegiate Women’s Leadership Educators Alliance (CWLEA) is to explore, promote, and advance the theory and practice of collegiate women’s leadership education and programs in pursuit of a more equitable world.

CWLEA works to:

  • Support, promote, and advocate for emerging and current collegiate women’s leadership education and programs.
  • Provide a means by which professionals and organizations with a common commitment to women’s leadership education can connect, network, and share information.
  • Serve as resources for information, including the latest in research, trends, best practices, and benchmarking.
  • Develop assessment practices and a framework for assessment that demonstrates the impact of collegiate women’s leadership programs.
  • Provide for the professional development needs of women’s leadership educators and professionals.
  • Organize and document the discipline of women’s leadership to validate it as an interdisciplinary pursuit with practical applications.
  • Support cutting-edge research and scholarship that advances the knowledge base for best practices in women’s leadership education and programs.


If you are interested in being a charter member of CWLEA or exploring membership, please

Send an email to cwlea.aauw@gmail.com with the following information: your name, your title, your university/organization, and what resources or experiences related to women’s leadership you are seeking in the coming year.

Click here to complete a google form that gives us this same information.

We are in the final stages of giving birth to this new organization. By signing up to learn more, you will be the first to receive a membership application as soon as it is completed.